How to Find Customers and Build Trust via Content?
Tips & Tricks · 2023

by PJ Murphy
Founder @ PREMIUM; ex-Dir of Product, SuperRare
Why Do You Need to Build Trust With Your Customers?
Building trust with customers is essential for any successful business. In the age of digital marketing, content is the key to building that trust. Content can take many forms, from blog posts and landing pages to videos, emails, and social media posts. Through content, businesses can provide benefits to their customers which in exchange will result in a more likely desire to use your product or pay for your service.
Consistent Strategy and Brand Voice is a key
No matter what type of content businesses create, it should always have a consistent strategy and brand voice that is carefully crafted to reflect the company's values, mission and goals. All pieces of content should coexist under the same halo, and someone should be in charge of overseeing the strategy to ensure that everything created is in line with the company's overall message.
This will help customers recognize the brand, build trust in their products or services, and create a unified experience across all the content they encounter. Having a well-defined strategy and brand voice that is implemented consistently is essential to creating a strong, recognizable brand presence.
For example, when we started thinking about content strategy for SuperRare, one of the first things we did is we decided to change our homepage to clearly communicate our values and main benefits, which resulted in what type of message we’re putting out across all content platforms.
Video Content + YouTube!
Video content is a powerful tool that is often underutilized and overlooked by businesses, especially in web3.
And YouTube, as it happens, is a great platform to begin building trust with customers because it provides an opportunity to share educational videos that can help customers solve their problems. By creating helpful and informative videos, businesses can become a trusted source of reliable information, which in turn can result in more customers as people tend to trust those who educate them and guide them through the darkness - in this case, it could be your business.
For example, here’s a video series I created for SuperRare’s new video strategy that follows a similar voice and style across episodes
Businesses may find it beneficial to create personal channels on YouTube rather than relying solely on brand channels.
This approach can have several advantages. For one, personal channels provide an opportunity to connect with customers on a more intimate level. It also allows businesses to create a more personalized brand image, which can help build trust and loyalty.
Furthermore, personal channels can allow businesses to share more specific, targeted content that may resonate more strongly with their customers. Overall, personal channels may be a better option for businesses that are looking to engage with their customers in a more meaningful way.
Content you create can be reused across different platforms and socials too. When you create a piece of content, whether it's a blog post, social media update, or video, you can use it in multiple ways to reach a wider audience and drive traffic to your product.
One way to repurpose content is to use it across different platforms. For example, you can turn a blog post into a series of social media updates, or create a video that summarizes the main points of a blog post.
Another way to repurpose content is to create different versions of it for different social media channels. Each social media platform has its own unique audience and style, so it's important to tailor your content to fit the platform you're using. For example, you might create shorter, more concise versions of your content for Twitter, or create visually appealing posts for Instagram.
For example, here’s the video announcements we did for a few big updates at SuperRare:
Repurposing content can also help you save time and resources. Instead of starting from scratch, you can reuse and update the content you've already created. For example, we used the same video as on our YouTube channel and we posted in on Twitter.
Be Creative
Lastly, businesses should be imaginative when crafting content. If everyone is using the same dull tweets, seek out a unique angle. Creative content can help businesses stand out from the pack and create a strong bond with customers. It can also be used to set the tone for your brand, driving more engagement and helping to make your messages more memorable.
With the right approach, businesses can use creative content as a powerful tool to engage with their audience, build brand recognition, and create a lasting impression on customers.
Bottom Line
Content makes businesses stronger. It’s the single best way to build trust and, most importantly, maintain it over time. Because if your business is suffering, your audience will always have your back.
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